Legacy Cleaners Transition Blog

Transitioning Legacy Cleaning Staff & Training the Next Gen

In recent years, turnover rates for janitorial staff have increased and in some places the average is reaching nearly 200% turnover. There are 2 contributing factors to this trend: legacy staff retiring and new staff lacking experience. Legacy staff are often beloved by the people they serve, but now they are preparing to enjoy more time with their families and end the long days at work. New staff are eager to learn but the training period can lead to disruptions in service. 

Managing this transition is tricky and property managers face several challenges when this happens:

  • Losing a legacy employee may cause disruptions to the property, leadership and tenants. How do you manage the process and respect the emotions of all involved?
  • Legacy employees often have vast knowledge from their years of experience. How can this be passed on to new employees? 
  • Who will provide adequate training for new employees? Will transition and/or mentoring programs be planned and implemented?
  • During this transition may be a good time for properties to consider outsourcing the cost and burden of managing an in-house team. Who can you trust to take over this responsibility?

Running a cleaning team takes a big time burden of searching for, hiring, and training staff several times throughout the year. Some seasons are busy and require a full staff, but that leads to the need to reduce payroll when things slow down. With each new hire, training and onboarding will take time and often takes it away from other employees. Finding a trusted cleaning company can relieve all of these responsibilities for a property or community manager and provide a solution that improves services and reduces cost. 

Clean Advantage can help you with a low stress transition from legacy in-house cleaning staff to the next generation that will service your property for years to come. We begin by:

  • hiring existing staff as our own.
  • planning and facilitating training from mentor employees.
  • providing modernization training for all employees.
  • retaining legacy staff as desired and transitioning in new as needed.
  • easily replacing any staff member who turns over and focusing on hiring long-term employees.
  • managing payroll, insurance, paperwork, and supervision of employees.

Clean Advantage has years of experience providing excellent cleaning services in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia area. Our company and its employees follow a set of common values that guide our decisions and practices. We have our own legacy employees that have been with us for years and provide training for the next generation, and our team views their work as a career rather than just a job. 

If you’re currently overwhelmed with changing property needs, understaffing and inexperienced new hires, you don’t need to struggle with this burden alone. Reach out to Clean Advantage to learn how we can help.