Accuracy and Transparency = Your Best Value

Each property is unique. Commercial cleaning services shouldn’t be a simple “multiplier x square footage” computation. That will end up costing you too much in what many commercial cleaning services call a “buffer factor”.

To be fair to you we take into consideration a lot of factors when offering you a quote:

  • What do you do?

  • How many people use the space?

  • What is the traffic flow? Do you have a large number of cubicles or customer common areas?

And while our process for understanding your space isn’t overly complicated or time consuming, it does allow us to offer you the most competitive pricing available.

  • 1.

    So, we start with an on-site visit - which can happen within a few minutes to an hour of your request.

  • 2.

    And unlike most, your quote ends with a Statement of Operations - which shows you where every dollar of your cleaning investment is spent.

Simply call 301-595-7333 to schedule an immediate on-site visit, or complete the online form to schedule an on-site consultation today.

The “Advantages” Behind Each Clean Advantage Quote


Instant communication between you and your cleaning team is encouraged. Changes in times, areas of special need - your satisfaction rests in the ability to communicate both ways - and we make sure this happens through easy-access technology.


Many don’t give it a thought, but cleaning technologies have come a long way since your grandmother’s vacuum. We invest in the latest production products to add speed and precision to all of our cleaning responsibilities. This even applies to the cleaning products we use. You get better results while lowering your costs.


The necessary backstop, liability coverage is always provided at amounts appropriate for your property and what you do, and for each of our employees while on your premises.

Satisfaction - For All!

Working with Clean Advantage is the definition of “satisfaction”. We stand behind our work and are always looking for ways to improve results while quickly taking care of your concerns.

Professional Teams. Right Where You Are.

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