Can GPS & Dash Cams Save Money on Cleaning Services

Can GPS & Dash Cams Save Money on Cleaning Services? Yes!

As a business, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs and keep our overhead low so we can provide the best possible rates to our customers while maintaining the same excellent service. Technological advances are often at the heart of these efforts. Last year, Clean Advantage installed dash cams facing inward and outward as well as GPS into over 50 work vehicles which has resulted in increases in productivity, efficiency and accountability. Some results were anticipated while others were unexpected benefits we were happy to see. Read on to learn about these improvements and how they benefit our employees, customers and bottom line. 

Cleaning Service Savings #1 – Increases Productivity and Efficiency 

Since the new cameras and GPS systems were installed, we have accumulated data and recorded statistics for these vehicles and the employees that drive them. Across the board, productivity has soared with the ability to know the when, how, and why concerning vehicle usage.

For example, the cameras allow a supervisor to monitor traffic patterns and provide a more efficient route to avoid traffic and delays. Over time, we can establish and instruct employees to use the best possible routes. If there is idle time recorded for the vehicle, it’s easy to figure out why and investigate. As a result, we have seen decreased instances of wasted vehicle time including the use of the vehicle for non-company related activities.

Cleaning Service Savings #2 – Reduces Insurance Costs

It’s common practice for insurance companies to offer incentives and advantageous rates for owners to install cameras and GPS in both personal and work vehicles. The monitoring system encourages the driver to improve their driving practices including increased awareness for efficient braking and general driving safety. 

The information from our cameras and GPS has been able to improve employee safety by capturing incidents in real time, as well as recording the speed and operation of the vehicles. Safer drivers mean fewer insurance claims which also prevents insurance rates from climbing. In the event of a vehicle theft, the vehicle can be recovered within an hour using the installed GPS unit. 

As an unexpected benefit of the new monitoring system, we have been able to use the recorded information as an extra line of defense when it comes to combating some of the more predatory car accident claims when it comes to company vehicles. Recording the events is an easy way to dispute frivolous lawsuits filed by opportunistic individuals. All of these advantages keep insurance rates low so our business can focus on improving our service.

Cleaning Service Savings #3 – Encourages Continuous Improvement

At Clean Advantage, we are always looking for the next innovation that will allow us to continue to provide the best commercial cleaning services in the DMV. The camera and GPS systems have proven useful for this line of improvement as well. Improved visibility and quality control allows management to really optimize work schedules.  A supervisor can:

Cleaning Service Savings #3 - Encourages Continuous Improvement
  • Monitor multiple teams at a time, tracking and viewing live data. 
  • Generate weekly reports on vehicle trends, id potential hindrances to productivity, and make necessary improvements.
  • Plan for traffic and construction, creating backup routes so teams always arrive on time. 

Since the new system was installed, from supervisors to mobile cleaning crew, everyone at Clean Advantage has seen and felt the improvements. We are happy to report that this simple change has proven so effective and allowed our team to provide better service and remain safe on the road. 

The savings result in lower prices, but higher quality for our customers. That’s the Clean Advantage.

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