FTE Hybrid | Porter + Route Clean

Beat inflation with cleaning innovation. Try our new FTE Hybrid Cleaning Program. The perfect combination of day porter service and a janitorial route team.

When budgets have no more room to cut, it’s time to consider something new. For properties with multiple locations or buildings, more than 100 units or self-described as hi-rise property, Clean Advantage invites you to rethink property cleaning.

Introducing the FTE Hybrid program. If you have multiple full time porters at your property(s), FTE Hybrid can reduce FTE hours, improve efficiencies and speed up work.

Keep the friendly face and personalized day service of a day porter, and add a special ops route team to come in and quickly clean with the power of multiple cleaners working without daytime distractions. In addition, hybrid vehicles reduce cost and time with better mileage and improved urban navigation.

Increase Efficiency & Speed. Decrease FTE Hourly Fees

Increase Efficiency & Speed. Decrease FTE Hourly Fees

Professional Teams. Right Where You Are.

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