Property Cleaning Tips & Strategies


“Dry” Cleaning Your Property in the Fall

Soupy. Clammy. Swampy. Muggy. They’re all ways to describe the humid conditions that summer always brings. And as a property manager, humidity is one of those things you have to work to control so that it doesn’t cause conditions that damage building materials or interfere with occupant comfort. But did you also know that humidity…

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Day Porter and Night Cleaning: Hybrid Cleaning Services for Businesses

Building a successful team is easier when everyone knows their role and responsibilities and how they fit into the team as a whole. The cleaning crew you choose for your business is no different. While most companies build teams with general cleaners, a new approach is gaining a lot of traction by compartmentalizing cleaning, organization…

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Do’s & Don’ts for Clean Carpets in the Summer

When it comes to keeping carpets clean in the summer, there are a few best practices property managers can keep in mind. Here are some tips: Do Vacuum Carpets Regularly in the Summer Vacuuming is essential to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your carpets. During the summer, you may find that your carpets accumulate…

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Dive into the “Deep Clean” This Summer

With vacation season fast approaching, that means less foot traffic in your commercial facility and the perfect time to deep clean all those high-touch, high-use areas including elevators, carpets, flooring, and parking garages. To make the deep clean as streamlined as possible, here are a few things you can do ahead of time to help…

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Deep Spring Cleans with Deep Savings at Clean Advantage

Spring cleaning for commercial properties comes up as a seasonal concern, but the cost of it doesn’t have to be a concern.

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Start The New Year Right With These Post-Holiday Clean Up Tips

Everyone starts the new year with a resolution – maybe you want to lose weight or get organized – and you can add another item to your list: making sure your property is clean, sanitary, and ready for visitors.

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Efficiency Savings: Tools for Better, Faster Cleaning at Clean Advantage

Finding a way to cut costs during times of high inflation can be a challenge when you already run a streamlined business. By listening to our team and providing the tools they needed, we were able to create a more productive, more efficient working environment without increased costs.

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Four Ways Property Managers Can Reduce Costs | Clean Advantage

Four Ways Clean Advantage Can Help Property Managers Reduce Costs

Inflation is rearing its ugly head. The U.S. consumer price inflation rate is 8.5% for the 12 months ended July 2022—the first time it’s been that high since 1982. When you throw in nationwide labor and supply shortages to the mix, property managers have some tough decisions to make when it comes to cost savings.

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Clean Advantage Keeps Schools Clean

When your school needs the very best in janitorial or comprehensive cleaning services in Maryland, DC or northern Virginia, get the Clean Advantage to help.

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Clean Advantage Cares for and Cleans your Building or Offices

When your building needs the very best in janitorial or comprehensive cleaning services in Maryland, DC or northern Virginia, get the Clean Advantage to help.

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