The Advantage: Stories of How Clean Advantage Changes Lives

Tina Rose, VP of Operations, Clean Advantage

At Clean Advantage, our employees have incredible opportunities to not only empower themselves, but to inspire their colleagues as well as our clients through their hard work, determination, and innovation. Our philosophy is: they don’t just work for us; we work for them. 

That’s why we’re determined to cultivate a workplace where everyone can use their voice and talents to realize their personal and professional goals while working at Clean Advantage. Here is an employee story we’d love to share!

Meet Angela

Hi, I’m Angela Novoa and I am the Quality Manager for Clean Advantage. I oversee seven area managers between our DC and Maryland locations.

I had been with another company for several years, with similar responsibilities, but without the same recognition, pay, or appreciation. Within six months of working at Clean Advantage, they promoted me to my current position, Quality Manager. They saw my work, what I was contributing, and they gave me the opportunity.

Everyone’s opinion matters

One of the things that really surprised me when I first started with the company is that they actually listen to their employees’ opinions. I noticed right away that there weren’t many women in leadership roles. So, I suggested to my boss, next time a position opens up, how about you hire a woman. And they did! The environment is very supportive of women.

Open lines of communication

The support my boss gives me is the same I give to my employees. I always have their backs. They know they can come to me with anything. We listen, and you have a lot of channels of communication. I tell them, if there is something that is making you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to worry about losing your job. We want everyone to have a place where they can succeed.

Valued employees provide high quality services

We have employees who depend on their paychecks being accurate and on time, every time. That’s not always the case in this business with other companies. But our employees NEVER have to worry about when they will get paid and how much.

Also, other companies charge their employees for their uniforms. You will not see that in this company. We provide uniforms, at no charge to them. You shouldn’t have to pay to work for a company.

Making life easier for employees

One of the other things that sets us apart from the competition is our use of technology. The owner loves technology! It makes our employees’ jobs easier and gives our clients peace of mind. They can take and send pictures and videos to clients for inspections. Coming from other companies, I know many aren’t doing that.

What Angela wants prospective employees to know

Clean Advantage gives you the room to do your job and the opportunities to have a career. I’ve never worked for a company that respects the people that work for them as much as Clean Advantage. You can trust you’ll be heard here.