Sick vs. Disinfection: Special Cleaning Practices to Prevent Illness in Cold and Flu Season

Sick vs. Disinfection: Special Cleaning Practices to Prevent Illness in Cold and Flu Season

Disinfecting a property goes beyond wiping up surfaces and general cleaning. Especially in cold and flu season, everyone is more aware and concerned about germs and infections. Getting sick is an inconvenience anyone would avoid if they could. By disinfecting, you can create a safe environment for your staff, occupants and visitors.

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately a billion cases of influenza every year. Between 3 and 5 million of those cases are severe or life-threatening. That’s a huge number, which is why it is noticeable when an illness is spreading throughout the community. Everyone says, “Oh, it’s going around.” More people are calling out sick to work and staying home. However, some infections don’t show symptoms for several days (up to 3), that means some people are still out and about spreading pathogens before they feel unwell and decide to stay home. That’s a scary thought!

Communal and public spaces are often considered the ground zero for fast-spreading illnesses because of the high volume of traffic and inconsistent or incomplete cleaning practices. The American Society for Microbiology points to shared surfaces as the main culprit for spreading illness. Door handles, tabletops, keyboards, light switches and drinking fountains could be touched by dozens of people every day. Pathogens can live on these surfaces for up to 2 weeks and remain infectious to new people. These conclusions are pretty telling, and unfortunately, it makes it sound like there’s not much we can do to prevent rampant illness. Not true!

Implementing regular cleaning that includes a disinfecting practice will prevent your property from being the next influenza hotbed. Maybe you already have a cleaning schedule, but know that it falls short from a deep, thorough clean. Working with a cleaning company can help. While cleaning is just one responsibility for a property team, for a cleaning company, it is their only responsibility. A cleaning company is also more likely to have the latest technology like specialized electrostatic disinfection equipment that cleans more effectively and in less time. 

Keeping your property clean in cold and flu season helps keep your staff, occupants and visitors safe. By using the latest technology and focusing cleaning efforts on common shared surfaces, you can kill infections before they spread. With fewer instances of illness, fewer employees will be out sick so your property will be able to function at full capacity throughout the winter. As a property manager, that’s a win-win! 

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