Property Management Tip: Carpet Care for the Long Term

Property Management Tip: Carpet Care for the Long Term

Sometimes carpet is chosen as a flooring option in order to reduce noise, provide a cheaper alternative to hardwood or as an aesthetic choice. But did you know carpet plays a role in the air quality of the surrounding room? The American Lung Association states that “carpet and rugs may trap pollutants and allergens like dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, lead, mold spores, pesticides, dirt and dust.” Whether it is tracked in on someone’s shoes, wafted in through the window or circulated from another area in the building, allergens find their way to carpet fibers and settle in. 

The allergan challenge with carpeting in commercial spaces

This is good and bad. The allergens are no longer in their air, which is good, but they are still around. Vacuuming using a machine without a sufficient air filter will only pull up and redisburse these allergens. This cycle will continue until the allergens are trapped in a vacuum’s HEPA filter, an air filter, or removed during a deep clean. Deep carpet cleaning isn’t usually included in a regular cleaning schedule. Especially in recent years with labor shortages and businesses feeling their budgets stretched thin, extra cleaning expenses tend to take the back seat to other costs. At most, maybe carpets will get a vacuum on a weekly basis. This practice of putting off a deep carpet cleaning may actually be hurting your wallet in the end!

Clean high-traffic commercial carpets now to care for the long term

You may have heard of the term “preventative maintenance” before, and in the context of your carpets, preventative maintenance means regular cleaning. The dirt and debris that accumulate in a carpet, while small enough to escape visual detection, can cause damage to the carpet fibers over time. Sand especially has a very abrasive effect on carpet and will cause early fading and a threadbare look in high-traffic areas. Replacing carpets every few years becomes an expensive practice. 

Dirty carpets=dirty air=dirty HVAC

A surplus of allergens and dust is also costly for your HVAC system. Throughout your air circulation system are several air filters that are designed to remove dust, pet dander, allergens and other dirt from the air. If your carpet is trapping and rereleasing allergens with each vacuuming, that means your air filters are working overtime to remove more than the normal amount of air pollutants. This will require you to change your air filters more frequently, costing you more money.

Two ways to help improve the cleanliness of your carpets

First, you can take measures to reduce the amount of contaminants that make it into the building. Good outdoor maintenance like keeping the parking area and walkways clean and providing walk off mats by entrances will reduce the dirt that makes it into the building. The second step is to schedule regular carpet deep cleaning which can keep your carpet in good condition for more years and reduce the number of pollutants circulating throughout your property. Clean Advantage can help by creating a schedule of commercial carpet cleaning that fits within your budget!

As part of a set cleaning schedule, carpet cleaning can improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your property as well as present a clean first impression to visitors and residents. Regular janitorial services can help you even further by ensuring the rest of the property is kept clear of dust and dirt. Let Clean Advantage take over the burden of your property’s regular cleaning. Reach out to our team today!