Inviting and Safe: Clean Parking Garages

A parking garage won’t be the main attraction at any property, whether it’s a business or residential complex, but it should still be inviting and highly functional. Keeping a parking garage clean is often at the bottom of the priorities list, but it serves a very basic function for your residents or visitors and oftentimes is their first impression. For many property owners and managers, understanding why a clean and uncluttered parking garage is the first step before hiring a professional cleaning service. 

First Impressions

Upon arriving at your property, whether that’s arriving for an appointment, a service or getting home at the end of the day, the parking garage is the first thing your visitors and residents encounter. Some parking garages are less inviting than others and it’s obvious why: trash accumulating in corners, out-of-service lighting, unpleasant smells. You may have noticed some parking garages that surpass the rest. Maybe they have greenery elements throughout, the surfaces are always clean and they are well-lit. A clean and inviting parking garage makes all the difference for the aesthetic of your property!

Safety Concerns

Safety is also a big concern when maintaining a parking garage. Vermin like mice, rats and racoons look for bits of food in human trash. By keeping the parking garage free of trash, you can protect your visitors and residents from encounters with these pests. We mentioned out-of-service lighting, and this is also a safety concern, not just aesthetics. Parking garages often have steps, uneven surfaces and sometimes oil on the ground. Without proper lighting, visitors are more likely to have a spill if they can’t see their footing. They may seek liability compensation from the property owners. A clean and well-maintained parking garage can mitigate many of these possible issues.

Protect Your Investment

In the long term, any maintenance and upkeep performed on your property is an effort to protect your investment. Silt, dirt and debris over time can wear away concrete and asphalt leading to further maintenance issues. These surfaces will need to be refinished or repaired so they are safe. It’s also easier to spot these issues when an area is free of clutter and trash. Oil spills, damaged floors/stairs, and trash accumulation are more noticeable when parking garage maintenance is part of your property’s routine maintenance. Since parking garage inspections need to take place regularly (check your state for frequency), keeping it tidy and in good order throughout the year ensures you won’t fail an inspection when it comes around.

Where to start?

We’ve already covered some of the considerations that are unique to parking garage maintenance, and, if you take the time to think about the various responsibilities to maintain a clean parking garage, it’s probably a longer list than you thought! At Clean Advantage, we offer parking garage cleaning services in addition to our property cleaning services. You can expect: 

  • Pressure washing surfaces (doors, walls, floors, elevator areas, etc.)
  • Deep cleaning where necessary
  • Regular monitoring for maintenance issues 
  • Removal of trash and sweeping
  • Tidying any vestibules or communal areas

Deep cleaning is a task that often gets overlooked. For example, the oil stains we mentioned need to be treated with a degreaser, not just a normal cleaning solution. In Spring, with increased humidity, frequent storms and high winds, parking garages more easily become cluttered with leaves, trash and other debris.

At Clean Advantage, we know what it takes to keep a parking garage in clean working order so your visitors or residents are greeted with a welcoming environment. Reach out to our team today to learn more!