Efficient Cleaning with the Top Tools of the Trade

At Clean Advantage, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our employees be as efficient as possible with the time they have at each of the properties they clean—inside and out. That’s why we enthusiastically embrace new technology which keeps costs down for us—and our clients, and keeps our employees motivated.  It’s time to clean those high-traffic areas smarter and faster.  

All-In-One Surface Pressure Washer Cleaning 

Meet Jarvis, our brand-new tool addition. This surface cleaner pressure washer makes cleaning outdoor areas quick and easy. With this all-in-one, cold water system, our team can clean your parking lots, building entrances, courtyards, pool decks, and sidewalks—streak-free and more thorough than traditional pressure washing or dry sweeping. Watch Jarvis in action here. 

Cordless Vacuuming for Faster, Safer Cleaning 

When it comes to commercial vacuuming, there is one name in the industry that still beats them all. Hoover’s line of cordless uprights and cordless backpack vacuums offer the same power as corded machines without the weight and bulk. With these vacuums, the Clean Advantage team can move fast and efficiently across a variety of surfaces and stairs at our properties without the hassle of tangled cords.

Clean Advantage Bulk Trash Removal

Bulk Trash Removal for When the Dumpsters are Overwhelmed

You don’t wait for your weekly garbage service to pick up the overflow clutter at your property. Clean Advantage has invested in Fuso trucks for bulk trash collection. These trucks have a subtle profile which draws little to no attention as they perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Forget Spot Cleaning for Public Bathrooms

Spot cleaning is an efficiency killer. With the CR2 Touch-Free Restroom Cleaning System, you get a thorough and quick clean—hands-free. No more mop and buckets to drag around. Our team sprays the entire surface of the bathroom similar to the way a pressure washer works. The solution used with the spray thoroughly disinfects and cleans walls, floors, partitions, and fixtures.

Tracking Your Commercial Cleaner’s Quality and Performance

Clean Advantage uses Swept, janitorial software that helps keep our team organized and on track. The mobile app is a one-stop communication tool for our clients, supervisors, and employees. It lets us track employee time, track supplies, manage to-do lists, and much more. Swept provides continuity across our services as our teams work closely together so nothing gets missed. Our employees feel more engaged with their work, and we take pride in knowing they are providing excellent service to our properties.

At Clean Advantage, we will always invest in the necessary tools it takes for our team to get the job done as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest cleanliness standards. Let us put our team and tools to work for you. Reach out to Clean Advantage today!