Meet Fidel: Long-term Grounds Maintenance Coordinator & Trusted Clean Advantage Employee

Tina Rose, VP of Operations, Clean Advantage

From the moment he pulls into the parking lot of The Residences at King Farm in his brand-new Clean Advantage truck, Fidel helps his property manager keep acres of grounds and facilities operational, safe, and clean.

Whether he’s picking up trash on the property, emptying dog park receptacles, cleaning, and opening the pool houses, pressure washing, or replacing light bulbs, Fidel is happy to be working outdoors. In fact, it’s one of the reasons he loves his job.

King Farm is a multi acre development with private homes, apartments, townhomes, senior living, shopping, and entertainment. And Fidel knows every acre of it.

Fidel is thrilled to have his own truck,, supplied by Clean Advantage. It makes him efficient and mobile as well as feel trusted.

Meet Fidel

Hi, I’m Fidel, I work for Clean Advantage, and I’ve been the Grounds Maintenance Coordinator (GMC) at King Farm for 15 years.

When I was younger, I used to jump from job to job. But then, I met my wife, and we started our family—we have two girls—I decided it was time to put down some roots. Clean Advantage offers stability. Also, I get to work outside, which I really like, and I work independently.


Communication is Key

Besides working outside most days, the best part of my job is the relationship that I have with the property manager at King Farm. We have a good relationship and good communication. That’s important to me, the communication between property manager and employee. It makes my job easier and makes me want to do the best I can.

Above and Beyond

Fidel is always on the move, picking up and tidying throughout the property.

It doesn’t matter the weather or season, snow or rain or sun, I’m here Monday through Friday, doing what I do. And then on weekends, if there is a party in the club house, I’m here to clean up after the parties and set the clubhouse back up.

An Employer Who Cares

I feel trusted, and well-valued by Clean Advantage. They treat me fairly. And what’s not to like about my job and my employer. I live 10 or 15 minutes away, so I don’t have a long commute. I’m able to provide stability for my family. I get recognized for my hard work—I even got a new truck. I’m very happy here.  

Fidel is the face of Clean Advantage at King Farm and represents our company with pure professionalism. He is a dedicated and loyal employee who takes pride in his work. And for that, we take care of Fidel. At Clean Advantage, we have a long history of helping our employees realize their personal and professional goals, It’s why we have so many long-term team members and why we’re different, That difference gets passed on to our clients. Trust us, we’re worth hiring and working for!

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